Friday, July 23, 2010

William and Ann Greenwood Keetch

Information comes from Zelda K Wursten in the History of Bear Lake Pioneers

William Keetch was born September 3, 1811 in Kempston, England, the son of Richard and Elizabeth (Inkley). When he was twenty-four, he married Ann Greenwood, the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (White) on 30 Aug 1835. Ann was born 17 Dec 1811 in Newport, England and died 12 Sep 1856 in Florence Nebraska. Eleven children blessed their home in Kempston.

Children of William Keetch and Ann Greenwood
1. Charles Greenwood Keetch b-2 July 1837; m-Mercy Truth Barker; d-3 Sep 1896 in St Charles
2. Alfred Greenwood Keetch b-13 Jan 1840; d-27 July 1925 in Lindon Utah
3. Elizabeth Emma Keetch b-7 Apr 1842; m-Samuel Matthews 12 Oct 1864; d-11 Apr 1893 in Liberty
4. Emma Keetch b-11 June 1844; m-John Reed; d-18 May 1901 in Omaha Nebraska
5. Martha Mae Keetch b-1 Mar 1846; m-Elam Hollingsworth; d-19 Mar 1899 in Preston Idaho
6. Mary Keetch b-1 Mar 1846; d-25 June 1849
7. William Keetch b-6 Mar 1848; d-11 Oct 1856 in Florence Nebraska
8. Nephi Keetch b-10 Mar 1849; d-21 Oct 1849
9. Joseph Hyrum Keetch b-2 Dec 1850; d-30 May 1855
10. Alma Keetch b-14 Feb 1853; d-10 July 1854
11. Ann Maria Keetch b-25 Feb 1855; m-John Stevenson; d-16 Aug 1902 in Omaha Nebraska

The LDS missionaries found them in England and the parents and the four oldest children, Charles G, Alfred G, Elizabeth and Emma joined the church. William did missionary work for some time and was a branch president. On May 4 1856, William and his family immigrated to American, sailing on the ship Thornton from Liverpool England. They arrived at Iowa City June 26 and from there went to Florence Nebraska. The company had a lot of trouble and several were sick with chills and fever. William's wife and son William died there. They were in debt so much, it took them a long time to get out. After Charles sweetheart, Mercy Truth Barker, joined them from England, they left in 1861. William crossed the plains with his daughter and husband in 1875 and arrived in Bear Lake in March of 1875. He remained in Bear Lake the rest of his life living with his son in St Charles in winter and with his daughter, Elizabeth in Liberty in the summer. He died 30 July 1888 and was buried in the Liberty cemetery.


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