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Isaac John Wardle

Isaac John Wardle - History of Idaho Vol. III 1920 (page 507, Joseph S. Wardle)

Joseph S. Wardle, a ranchman who resides on the Boise bench two miles southwest of Boise...His father was Isaac John Wardle, of St. Anthony, Idaho, who passed away in October, 1917, at the age of eighty-two years. He was born in Lincolnchire, (Leicestershire) England, June 13, (14th) 1835, and came to the United States in 1852 (1856) as a convert to the Mormon church. He at once proceeded across the plains to Utah, making the trip on foot with a handcard company, being then a lad of eighteen (twenty) years. He came to the new world unaccompanied by relatives, but after he had been in Utah a few years he sent to England for his parents, who joined him in Utah, he paying their passage to the United States. Twenty-two years ago (1898) Isaac John Wardle removed from Utah to Idaho and resided at St. Anthony throughout his remaining days. He was a sheep raiser and the excellent opportunities for carrying on the industry in Idaho caused him to locate in this state. He was very active in the work of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving as superintendent of a Sunday school in Salt Lake City for eighteen years. He was married three times and by his first wife, Martha Ann Egbert, had ten children...The mother died December 9, 1916. By his second wife Isaac J. Wardle had one child, a son, William H. Wardle, now living in Teton county, Idaho. By his third marriage he had four children, of whom three are living. His family numbered fifteen children together, of whom ten yet survive (1920).
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Isaac John Wardle - From the book "Church Chronology" (published 1898)

"Sun. 20. (March 1887) - At a meeting held at South Jordan, the Seventies residing in Riverton, Bluff Dale and Herriman were separated from the 33rd quorum of Seventy...On the same occasion the 95th quorum was organized with Edwin D. Holt, James Oliver, Issac J. Wardle, Albert Holt, Andrew Amundsen, Henry B. Beckstead and Alexander Bills as presidents. The members of this quorum resided in South Jordan Ward."

"April. Fri. 1. (1887). - Herriman, Salt Lake Co., was raided by U.S. deputy marshals; nearly every house in the village was searched, but no arrests were made. Sat. 2. (April 1887) - South Jordan, Salt Lake Co., was raided by U.S. deputy marshals, who arrested Alexander Bills and Henry Beckstead for u.c. (unlawful cohabitation). Mon. 4. (April 1887) Ole Hansen, of Logan, was arrested for u.c. and placed under $1,500 bonds. Tues. 5. (April 1887) - Karl G. Maeser, of Provo, was arrest on a charge of u.c. Lars Nielsen and John Felt, of Huntsville, Weber Co., were arrested on the same charge, taken to Ogden and placed under bonds."

"Mon. 26. (Sep. 1887) In the Third District Court Henry Beckstead, of South Jordan was sentenced to six months' imprisonment and $100 fine; and Joseph H. Ridges, of Salt Lake City, to six months' imprisonment and $25 fine. for u.c."

"Wed. 4. (June 1890) - Isaac J. Wardle, of South Jordan, Salt Lake Co., was arrested for u.c. (unlawful cohabitation)"
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Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868

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Wardle, Isaac John, Autobiographical sketch [n.d.], [2].

We arrived safe in Boston Saturday at 10 A.M. after five (5) weeks sea voyage. After 2 days proceeded by train to Iowa City, arriving there July 8, 1856 and went on to Council Bluffs. I left Council Bluffs in "Captain Martin's" handcart company. Being a stron[g] man and having no relatives in the company I took a sick young man (eighteen years old) in my cart. His name was "Langl[e]y A. Bailey", besides the sick boy I had 100 lbs. flour, a tent, and camp equipment for seven persons which I pulled for 1130 miles to Pacific Springs, Wyoming. John Bailey helped me pull some of the way. We crossed the Missouri River at Florence. when we left Florence there were about 740 souls in our company. With Edward Martin as our Captain we did not have much difficuilty on the road except a few visits from the Indians until we encountered a sever[e] snow storm at Platt[e] Bridge this was early in October. Then our old men and women and some of the younger children began to give out and to get sick and many of them died which I helped bury, but we kept moving on a little every day in spite of the cold and hardships. At one time I became so weary and over come with cold that I fell down and was forced to lay there for some time. About this time one day while we were stopped for noon two men rode into our camp, they were "Joseph Young" and Ephraim Hanks who had come to tell us that men where coming to meet us with teams and wagons from Salt Lake City. We met the first team at Pacific Springs, Wyoming who had provisions for us with them. By this time our company was much smaller than when we left Council Bluffs, as so many had died some had stopped at different places along the way. We proceeded on to Salt Lake City with the teams leaving our handcarts behind. We arrived there Nov. 30, 1856 having taken us Six (6) months and five (5) days to come from Liverpool England to Salt Lake City U.S.A.

President Brigham Young along with many of the other Brethern and Women came to welcome us and took us into their homes, fed and warmed us and gave us warm clean beds to rest our weary bodies.,18016,4976-10402,00.html


  1. We love this man. He literally pulled my Great, Great Grandfather (Langley Allgood Bailey) across the plains. Many are here today because of what he sacrificed then.

    Thank you,

    Brigham Rindlisbacher

  2. Do you happen to have a copy of his journal? My son is named after him (it's his great-great-great grandfather on his father's side). I would love to have a copy if you do. Please email me:

  3. I am doing genealogy and Isaac John WARDLE is my great great grandfather. In reading a story placed in Family Search, I decided to do Google Isaac, where I found this blog. This is wonderful.

    I also went to the link above for Isaac's 2010 Family Reunion. I am excited to read about what they do and how often they do it.

    I am surprised to find such extended family members.

    1. Peggy, I too am descended from Isaac. He is my 3rd great grandfather through Martha Egbert. Their son, Joseph S Wardle had a son Hyrum Chester Wardle, who had a daughter Phyllis Evelyn Wardle. Phyllis married James Eugene Douglas and their daughter Cathy is my mom