Friday, July 23, 2010

Albertine Josephine Johnson

Albertine Josephine Johnson, Age 24

With husband Charles Addison North at age 23.  It's their wedding picture.



  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.
    Where did you find them? I am also a descendant of Albertine.

  2. You're welcome! I found them at, by way of a google search. I'm systematically googling my pedigree chart in an attempt to find more stories and pictures of my ancestors.

    I'm descended from Albertine's daughter, Alice Almira North. Which line do you come through?

  3. So do I. I descend through Alice Almira North to Ada Chole Gibson Atkins, she is my grandmother. Do you have the original file that you could attach to an email and send to my email at ?

  4. Ah, I'm through Ada's brother Charles Gibson. He's my great-grandfather.

    I don't have the original file, as I just saved a copy of the one at But, if you click on the pictures on this blog, a larger version should load and you can save that version of the file to your computer. (Right click and select "Save As" from the menu that appears).