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The story of Annie Bjerregaard Beal.

Annie K. Bjerregaard
Born: 08/02/1844 in Nordjylland,Denmark
Married: 03/28/1863 in Salt Lake City, Utah
Died: 03/23/1906 in Salt Lake City, Utah
Notes: Buried: 03/26/1906 Ephraim, UT

Annie was 13 yrs. old when here family came to Utah from Denmark, and early twenties when her parents moved to Missouri. Annie is the second of three wives of Henry Beal and are the parents of the children listed below. (Will come later) Anna was medium in stature, and slender. Her complexion was fair, her eyes were violet blue.
Anna became pregnant during the time of the so called persecution over polygamy by the U.S. Government. The agreement was that no children were to be born after a certain time. If this happened, the husband would have to give his wife up, or go to jail for certain time.
Henry would not give up Anna. Therefore, Anna left Ephraim and went to Brigham City and stayed for about one and one half years with her sister Elsie and her husband Larus C. Christensen. Elsie lived out of town in Brigham Utah, up in the hills, where Anna could hide in the bushes.
This is where Violet Bardella, her youngest daughter, was born. Elsie and husband wanted to keep her so that Anna could go home, but Henry refused, and went to court instead. Henry had already served a three month sentence beginning on October 24, 1887. This hiding procedure was called the Under Ground Railroad.

Her husband Henry Allen Beal
Other names found --- Thomas, Tom, Henery, John. Henry is the second son of John and Ann Deacon Beal, married 1822. Henry was a polygamist and had three wives. The other's are #1 Mary Thorpe, Born: 05/27/1827, Mar: 07/04/1854 Ephraim, Utah, Died: 09/12/1905. #3 Mary Ann Tompson, Born: 04/07/1850, Mar: 04/25/1868 Salt Lake City, Utah, Died: 01/14/1924.
Henry came to Utah in 1850 and was very resourceful and successful. With help he built homes for each of his wives. He farmed, built beds for the railroad tracks, was President of Snow Academy (now Snow College), Mayor of Ephraim, and held many high positions in the Mormon Church.
In the Fall of 1864, twenty Ephraim families were called on missions to locate a settlement in Circle Valley on the head waters of the Sevier River. Henry took his second wife, Anna Christena Bjerregaard, on this mission.
Following is a short story out of a book on Henry Allen that expresses but one of the few problems encountered in a polygamist marriage. ------
Henry and Mary Ann Thompson were married on April 25, 1868. In due course, a nice house was built for her on north Main Street. However, Mary Ann's first domicile was in juxta-position to Mary Thorpe's home. This provided a setting for a comical event. Henry had been telling Mary Thorpe what a wonderful help young Mary Ann was proving to be. He was simply delighted ... As Mary Thorpe pondered upon this matter early one summer Sunday morning, the pigs began to squeal.
Without arising from Mary Ann's bed next door, Henry shouted in a loud voice: "Mary Thorpe, go slop the hogs!" Obediently she filled her pail at the barrel and started for the pig pen, but overwhelmed with indignation at the circumstance, she changed her course and the reclining couple found themselves suddenly showered with the contents of the bucket.
The life history in complete detail of Henry is in a book called, "Henry Allen Beal a Sanpete Valley Pioneer". This book is not published any more. I, Devere Byergo have a copy made from a book owned by Beals, who are descendants of one of the other wives, who live in Leeds, Utah.
While looking for new information and checking old records at the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints (Mormon) Genealogy department, I found Henry having four polygamist wives. This according to my records was incorrect. In checking records I found that Mary Ann Tompson and Marianne Nielsen are the same person. Born: 04/07/1850 at Lyuga, Aarhus, Denmark; Married: 04/25/1868 Salt Lake City, UT. and Died: 01/14/1924 Ephraim, UT..

Her Child Mary Ann Beal
Child: Mary Ann Beal
Born: 01/22/1866 in Ephraim, Utah
Married: 12/14/1887 in Logan, Cache, Utah
Died: 04/09/1913 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah
Notes: Buried: 04/13/1913 Ephraim, UT, Birth Date may be 01/26/1866.

Her Child Alice Beal
Child: Alice Beal
Born: 01/16/1868 in Ephraim, Utah
Married: 12/23/1891 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah
Died: 01/02/1933 in Price, Carbon, Utah, May have died: 01/02/1934.

Her Child Sarah Ann Beal
Child: Sarah Ann Beal
Born: 03/27/1872 in Ephraim, Utah
Married: 12/23/1891 in Manti, Sanpete, Utah
Died: 01/11/1915 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah, Sarah may have been born: 03/28/1872. Sarah lived at the Salt Lake City home of a Aunt Rose for several years.
The following was written by Ida Caroline Larsen Frandsen the mother of Edna Frandsen Bjerregaard who gave this excerpt to me, Devere Byergo.
This excerpt is very much a part of the Bjerregaard/Byergo history due to the fact so many of the people mentioned are in our history. I went to Ephraim and worked for my board at Sarah Ann Hansens. Mary & Lydia Matson a girl from Mt. Pleasant were boarding at Mrs. Hansens and then there was Mrs. Hansen and her two boys Apollo and Glen.
I got along very well in school & the teachers were very friendly & encouraged me in every way. Especially JY Jensen also Thomas Beal, one of Mrs. Hansens brothers.
Mrs. Hansen was very good to me and I loved her very much. Mary Christensen taught piano at the Academy & Mrs. Hansen taught sewing. (Mary Christensen was a friend of Mrs. Hansen from Mt. Pleasant. Lived at Mrs. Hansens & taught music at the Snow Academy)
Mary persuaded Mrs. Hansen to get a Musical instrument for her boys to play. She got an old organ for them to begin with and many times I used to play hymns & a piece or two I knew for them. When I Think back it makes me smile. Those boys became accomplished musicians. Glen lives in Ogden and has really accomplished things in Music. Appolo lives in Price & teaches Piano. They were grandsons of the late Henry Beal a pioneer & influential leader in Ephraim.
Mrs. Hansen had a sister Mary Ann Folster whom I loved very much. She was so good to me. She had a lovely family and for a number of years we visited until we became widely separated. I have been fortunate enough to keep in touch with her son Allen through the years and learned what the others were doing. Allen was called on a Mission to England a year or two after I finished school. He married Zeretta Breinholt before going and it was fortunate he did as his mother passed away while he was gone and Zeretta took care of the family for some time.

Her Child Thomas (Tom) Andrew Beal
Child: Thomas (Tom) Andrew Beal
Born: 07/20/1874 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah
Married: 06/13/1901 in
Died: 01/03/1948 in
Educated at Cornel Univ., President of Bank at Ephraim. He was a teacher at Snow and Weber Academies, respectively. He was a professor at the University of Utah. Thomas established and became Dean of the Department of Commerce and Finance. He achieved expertise in the field of Utah tax matters.
While visiting Forrest Byergo in the summer of 1997 I, Devere Byergo, was informed by Forrest that Andrew Bjerregaard paid for the education of Thomas (Tom) Beal at Cornel Univ. Forrest also said that Andrew made Tom President of the Bank of Ephraim. Family history information indicates that this is incorrect.
Andrew died before Tom became or if he did become President of the bank. It must be remembered that this information was verbally passed on and could be incorrect. Andrew's history names the first six Presidents. Andrew was the third and Tom was not one of them.
Information from Ephraim History in Ephraim Library. Tom may have became Bank President after Ephraim History was written.

Her Child Orsen (Orse) Henery Beal
Child: Orsen (Orse) Henery Beal
Born: 11/07/1876 in Ephraim, Sanpete, Utah
Married: 02/08/1910 in
Died: 07/19/1950 in
Notes: Another birth date 11/06/1876, Divorced from Della Davey. May have been born: 11/06/1876.

Her Child Elinora Christena Beal
Child: Elinora Christena Beal
Born: 02/13/1879 in Ephraim, Utah
Married: 02/20/1904 in Manti, Sanpete, UT.
Died: 03/10/1937 in Richfield, Sevier, UT.
May have been born: 02/10/1879.

Her Child Owen Franklin Beal
Child: Owen Franklin Beal
Born: 07/12/1882 in Ephraim, Utah
Married: 06/04/1913 in
Died: 12/14/1963 in Ephraim, Sanpete, UT.
May have died: 12/14/1953. Owen became a teacher at Snow and Weber academies and a professor at the University of Utah. Marriage date may be 01/04/1913.

Her Child Violet Bodella Beal

Child: Violet Bodella Beal
Born: 12/03/1891 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah
Married: 09/12/1914 in Salt Lake City, UT.
Died: 07/1982 in Ogden, Weber, UT.
Name may be Burdella or Bardella. Violet was born in Brigham City because her mother was staying with her sister, Elsie Christensen, so that she could hide from the law during pregnancy and child birth. This was done so that Henry, her polygamist father, would not go to jail. Elsie and husband wanted to keep and raise Violet but Henry would not hear of this. Because Henry would not give up his child he went to jail anyway. More about this in Annie's memo. 


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